3D Mahjong

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Play 3D Mahjong game in full screen mode online on freemahjong.info. Type: 🀄️Mahjong. Time Limit: 🕑Yes.

Play 3D Mahjong in full screen.

3D Mahjong Game Description

3D Mahjong — it is unusual Chinese card game. Its originality lies in the three-dimensional cubical design and absence of the cards as such. Instead of cards there you will have to deal with three-dimensional cubes, which will be decorated with different abstract pictures. These cubes are the components of the multi-level figures. You have to rotate the figure in different directions to achieve the success. Pay attention — it is impossible to win in the game for free and without rotation of the figure.

How to play

The situation of a game is tensioned by the time limitation. The number of the cubes is not so big, but the time frames are very compressed. There are no hints in the game, but you will have the opportunity to use the shuffle option.
The gamer has to collect all similar cubes which he can see on the game board (by clicking the mouse on every two identical cubes). Rotation of the figure is provided by keys of your keyboard with the appropriate arrows on them.

3D Mahjong
screenshot: 3D Mahjong game online. Time Limit.
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