999 Mahjong

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We present a variant classic Mahjong puzzle named 999 Mahjong. There are more than twenty main variants of the game at the initial stage. Nevertheless, you can be the creator of your own variants of the game using a special editor and only your imagination can limit the unlimited possibilities of the game editor. This is the only game that provides gamers with such unique features.

Play 999 Mahjong in full screen.

999 Mahjong online – game description

This gameplay style is bright and attractive with interesting percussion instruments melodies. The Chinese classic puzzles have a long history of development. Advantages of this variation include design elements made in pseudo-three-dimensional graphics.

999 Mahjong full screen
screenshot: 999 Mahjong game online.

How to play full screen 999 Mahjong

Tilt the combination of tiles with mouse gestures and you create the effect of a three-dimensional image.

999 Mahjong (video)

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