African Savannah

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This is a wonderful intellectual game made in the African style. Such animals that live in the African savannah, you will not find in an ordinary zoo. These are wild animals and they are used to living in a certain climate.

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African Savannah online – game description

On the expanses of the savannah there are many animals that can be found in the game African Savannah. These are predators: lions, cheetahs and other more peaceful inhabitants of this arid area – hippos, zebras and many others. Even wild animals and predators do not like loneliness, but prefer to roam the African savannah at least in two. That is why in the game African Savannah you need to connect all the animals in pairs. As you can see, all these animals are depicted on the tiles. To win the game level, the player must remove all the tiles.

African Savannah full screen
screenshot: African Savannah game online.

How to play full screen African Savannah

You need to find a pair of identical tiles. If you can draw an invisible line between two tiles with the same images, which are free on the sides, they will disappear.

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