All in One Mahjong 2 part

Online game All in One Mahjong 2 is a classic Chinese game that promotes the development of logical thinking. The goal of the game remains the same. You need to find two match chips among a large number of them until you make all the pairs. In All in One Mahjong II, you can choose two game modes. One of them is “Score Mode” and the other is “Time Mode”. In time mode, you need to match all the cards on the board in a certain limited period.



Playing in score mode, you can win or get confused during an infinite amount of time. When passing the game, you can be provided an infinitely large number of backgrounds and 75 graphic layouts for your convenience. Therefore, the main advice is to be careful and monitor your movements. Choose between time mode and score mode, compete with your friends and have fun!

Mahjong Match full screen
Mahjong Match online

How to play All in One Mahjong 2 part online (video)

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