Black and White Mahjong

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Black and White Mahjong Game Description

Mahjong games has a lot of variations, “Black and White” — one of the worthiest. All tiles on the game board will be black and white. What do you think you will have to do with it? Right — collect tiles with similar images, but no, they have not to be the same color. In this variation of the Mahjong you can remove tile by picking up the pair with only different color but the same picture. In practice it looks like this: you can match black image with white, and white with black, there is no the third variant.

How to play

A lot of hints will make your game easier, but time frames are still too narrow. So be sure the adrenaline level will be high!

Black and White Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Black and White Mahjong game online. Time Limit.
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