Board Mahjong

Board game Mahjong is a very interesting puzzle, which four players can use simultaneously. Nobody knows the origin of this game. Some people say that famous philosopher Confucius invented it, but others offer a much simpler version – fishermen who didn’t know how to spend free time at sea created this entertainment. But plenty of researchers believe that this game appeared in the middle of the 19th century. One way or the other, millions of people enjoy this game nowadays.



Game set

This set consists of game bones that do not require special devices. Lay them on a flat surface and enjoy the game. We offer you European design with hexagonal bones and a piece holder.
This set includes.

Board Mahjong full screen
Board Mahjong online

A special box designed for storage and transportation of the game is stacked with 148 bones (4 of these bones don’t have any designations) and 3 dice. Their size is 10 x 20 x 30 mm.

How to play Board Mahjong online (video)

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