Butterfly Mahjong – New Version

Butterfly Mahjong – New Version of the Game

Butterflies … Perhaps no representative of the fauna can compete with them in grace, beauty, and lightness. Their flight is fascinating, and the variety of colors is impressive. These wonderful creatures will train your logic, memory, ingenuity, and attention in the new format of your favorite game. The updated version pleases with improved quality of sound effects, a more juicy color range and some other features that will open during the game. You can play Butterfly Mahjong in full screen online. It will brighten up leisure, boring trip or longing.


New Intellectual Game “Butterfly Mahjong” – Rules

This mahjong is not similar to previous versions in that the slightly annoyed ordinary pieces give way to butterfly wings. The player’s task is to find two identical wings and remove them with a mouse click. Cards can be located anywhere. The main thing is that there are no bricks between, that is obstacles. There are no restrictions on the choice of the trajectory.


Beautiful musical accompaniment allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game even more. Remember that you can play Butterfly Mahjong not only on a computer in a browser but also on a phone or tablet. It is very simple. Launch the game in your mobile gadget browser and enjoy the process. We wish you good luck and victory in this exciting game!

Butterfly Mahjong - New Version of the Game full screen
Butterfly Mahjong – New Version of the Game full screen online

How to play Butterfly Mahjong – New Version online (video)

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