Cat Mahjong

Would you like to play an exciting and vibrant game with cats? Welcome to Cat Mahjong! Not only kids but also adults play this game with great pleasure. The graphics are at the highest level, and you will find many levels, which will help you to complete the game. But don’t think that it is so quick as it seems.


The rules are rather simple. The first levels are even elementary, and you will build the figure after making a few clicks. Some levels will require you to find identical pictures and join them in pairs. Pieces with cats disappear but open with updated pictures, providing you with a new move. Identical pictures are easy to find since they are all colorful and easy to remember. The following levels of the game will become more difficult, and the player will have to be more attentive.


Cat Mahjong brings a lot of fun. Having the design in beige tonality, this online game is pleasantly relaxing. Each task opens up new horizons.

The game gives ten minutes to complete the level, and you can play it everywhere. All pictures are easy to remember, and you won’t have problems with finding identical pieces.
There is no need in the registration. Cat Mahjong is a free online game, which can be opened in full screen.

It seems simple at first, but the higher the level, the more problems you will have while completing the game.

Cat Mahjong full screen
Cat Mahjong online

Rules of Cat Mahjong

Control the game with a computer mouse. The menu is understandable, and you may choose a level that you have not completed yet. The next stage will open after passing the previous one. The game can seem simple right away, but it becomes more and more difficult with each level. But it will only exalt your interest and desire to play. The purpose of such games is to look for identical pictures, which need to be marked and removed. The game won’t help you with the hints, so you have to find moves on your own. Develop your attentiveness and memory with our beautiful game Cat Mahjong. Open it in full screen and have a good time!

How to play Cat Mahjong online (video)

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