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Cooking is not an easy thing. Each chef should know how to combine products to make the dish tasty and appetizing. In the Cooking Mahjong, you will learn this by completing several levels.

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Cooking Mahjong online – game description

Imagine yourself as a chef in a small restaurant where customers like certain dishes and often order them. Your task is to cook them by choosing the right foods. The number of dishes will be indicated at each level, and you can see on a plate what ingredients each consists of. You need to find the necessary products, but you can take only those that are located on the edge. Click on three products and if they disappear from the screen, then you have chosen everything correctly.

Cooking Mahjong full screen
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How to play full screen Cooking Mahjong

The time is limited and you need to compose a given number of dishes. If some ingredient is not visible, do not waste time and move on to another dish. The game Culinary Mahjong differs from the classic Mahjong. It is necessary to look for non-paired pictures on the screen, and three completely different ones, but which can become a delicious dish.

Cooking Mahjong (video)

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