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Deep Sea Trijong online – game description

Mahjong is an ancient Chinese board game, but in virtual space it has changed and isn’t like the original version. Our game Deep Sea Trijong is also Mahjong, but it has changed a lot. Imagine that you plunged to the very bottom of the ocean. There you found a lot of treasures that were lost from a large sunken ship where the pirates lived. The tiles have the form of triangular but not rectangular. The images on them are not hieroglyphs, but precious stones: rubies, diamonds, emeralds of various shapes and gold items.

Deep Sea Trijong full screen
screenshot: Deep Sea Trijong game online.

How to play full screen Mahjong Deep Sea Trijong

Pick up two identical triangular pictures and remove them from the playing field. Try to delete all the stones and clear the space. Immerse yourself in the game in the deep ocean, you have the opportunity to enjoy many interesting levels.

Deep Sea Trijong (video)

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