Dream Farm Link Mahjong

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if you ever dreamed of a nice farm your dream came true! Dream Farm Link Mahjong online game for free on freemahjong.info

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Dream Farm Link Mahjong Game Description

Classic Mahjong charade which you can play online. This game is created for true farm and village lovers. Registration is not required. The main task of the game is to clean up the game field. On the screen there you can see a lot of tiles, organized into several rows. Each tile has its own picture. You have to find out similar pictures and match it. If you have found a right desicion matching tiles they will dissappear.

How to play

Pictures can: various animals, tools for work, vegetables and other items which farmer can use in their village life.

Dream Farm Link Mahjong (Connect) full screen
screenshot: Dream Farm Link Connect game online. No Time Limit.
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