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Fairy Triple Mahjong online – game description

Today we are going to visit the fairyland of fairies. All little girls and even boys know that fairies are very fond of having fun, playing, fluttering and fooling around. But what to do if there is rain and wind outside? They cannot wet their wings not to fall to the ground. And the wind can take their light bodies far away from their cozy flower houses. However, you still don’t know that fairies like to solve puzzles when they can’t play outside. Their favorite game is Fairy Triple Mahjong.

Fairy Triple Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Fairy Triple Mahjong game online.

How to play full screen Fairy Triple Mahjong

This is a bright and colorful Mahjong, in which you will have to find not two, but three identical tiles. This is a great workout for mindfulness and thinking. We suggest you test your intelligence and try to defeat fairies in puzzles. Your task is to find identical tiles and place them in empty cells at the top of the game. When a combination of three identical ones is collected, they will disappear.

Fairy Triple Mahjong (video)

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