Fishes Mahjong

Fishes Mahjong is a very unusual game. It is differed from the classic Chinese puzzle. The action takes place in a pond, and a pyramid with tiles stands on a huge leaf of lily. Below, under the water, hard-working fish swim pushing different tiles in front of themselves. Your goal is to take the tiles that you need from the fish and combine them with the ones on the sheet.



You have to do all the manipulations very quickly, because when the bottom line is completely filled with tiles you lose your life. You have only 3 lives during the game. At the board top there are 2 containers to remove extra tiles from the game field within 4 seconds.

Fishes Mahjong full screen
Fishes Mahjong online

In the game there is also a small arrow. When you click on it, the fishes with tiles are accelerated. As a hint, the game has a chip with a crown pattern, taking it for a while, the tiles you need at the bottom of the screen are highlighted.

How to play Fishes Mahjong online (video)

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