Flower Slide Mahjong

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Flower Slide Mahjong online – game description

Among many different versions of Mahjong puzzles, we offer you one of the most colorful and spring games. In Flower Slide Grandfather and his granddaughter decided to decorate the yard with flower beds. They need your help to deal with seeds and tools by making the right move. Seed bags and garden tools are already prepared and placed on the playing space.

Flower Slide full screen
screenshot: Flower Slide Mahjong game online.

How to play full screen Flower Slide Mahjong

To assemble the tools and to choose the same flowers connect pairs of tiles with the same images. You must move them in accessible directions and put them side by side. Sometimes you just need to choose the right direction, point it with the mouse and the identical tiles disappear from the field.

Flower Slide Mahjong (video)

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