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Forest Mahjong online – game description

This is a very interesting and exciting version of classic Mahjong under the name of the Forest Mahjong. You can see different pictures related to the forest on the tiles. The player will meet many animals on the forest paths, see tasty berries and listen to the beautiful birds’ songs. Moreover, this is not the whole list of all tasks in this forest game. A boy is lost in the forest and you must help him get out of the forest. The forest is full of miracles and unexpected encounters, funny animals live in it and amazing flowers and plants grow. The charming and beautiful music surrounding him helps him to cope even with the most difficult blockages on the field of tiles. Armed with ingenuity and courage our boy gets out of the forest with confident steps.

Forest Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Forest Mahjong game online.

How to play full screen Forest Mahjong

The player’s task is to help the boy and disassemble the pyramid by clicking on two identical tiles.

Forest Mahjong (video)

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