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Do you like to receive Christmas gifts? Little penguins are waiting for Christmas presents in the Frozen Tiles Mahjong game too.

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Frozen Tiles online – game description

Santa Claus is already in a hurry to them in a sleigh littered with colorful boxes. But suddenly, a tall iceberg blocks his path. It is so huge and Santa has no time to fly around it, because he has many addresses to visit. The penguins asked Santa to drop gifts right on the ice. The gamer’s goal is to help them to pick the gifts up.

Frozen Tiles full screen
screenshot: Frozen Tiles game online.

How to play full screen Frozen Tiles

Look for tiles in the game, which depict the same pictures or inscriptions. Ice tiles should be free from at least one side. Then you can disassemble the frozen pyramid.

Frozen Tiles (video)

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