Mahjong Balls-shooting games

To remove a pair, you need to connect it with a line. At the initial level, it will be possible to mix the bubbles. A straight line should connect them. It is easier to do if they are close to each other. But it’s not always the case. Bubbles located far away will be paired only if no more than three straight lines can be drawn between them. If the rules are not entirely clear, you can watch the video prompt attentively. Things shown on the screen will help you understand and choose the right strategy. The main thing is to start correctly so that you manage to collect all the pairs later.



This version of the game is much simpler than the classic one that uses pictures. It is easier to find bubbles of the same color than two identical pictures. There is a timer near the game panel. You must try to complete the task quickly to set a new record. If you don’t see any moves, you can mix the bubbles on the panel. The main thing is to do everything quickly. There is no need to register to try your hand in this game. Playing online Mahjong Bubbles in full screen, you can enjoy a wonderful game and develop speed and attentiveness.

Game Mahjong Balls-shooting games full screen
Game Mahjong Balls-shooting games full screen online

How to play Mahjong Balls-shooting games online (video)

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