Game “Mahjong Flags”

Online Mahjong Flags on your PC will require you to find the flags of various states, which will be scattered across the game panel. Besides, you should do it within the period shown on the indicator above. The indicator’s movement from right to left is easy to slow down if you make the right moves. The game allows you to click on a pause if something distracting happens. Just press the space bar or click on the same on-screen key with your mouse. All flags will disappear for this moment.



Children who are developing their memory or plenty of prosperous adults, especially those who travel a lot, love to play Online Mahjong Flags (or you may find the name “Geographical Mahjong”). We recommend you to play it in full screen on our website. Good luck with the game!

Mahjong Flags full screen
Mahjong Flags online

How to play Mahjong Flags online (video)

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