Glamorous Mahjong

All parents are interested in their children developing their abilities when playing computer games. The game Glamorous Mahjong is considered such a developing full-screen online game for girls. In a fun and easy way the game allows you to explore the basics of makeup and other aspects of beauty that are so important in the life of every modern and fashionable girl.



Different cosmetics items and various accessories for applying them are drawn on the chips. In total, the game has ten levels, and seven tips are provided in it. You can slightly extend the limited game time if you delete another pair of identical chips successfully. There is a function of mixing chips and the inclusion of a pause during the game. All gamers, adults and children, will like Glamorous Mahjong.

Glamorous Mahjong full screen
Glamorous Mahjong online

How to play Mahjong Invasion online (video)

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