Halloween Grabbers

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Halloween holiday should be fun. A little boy who practices magic thinks so. He likes to come up with all sorts of tricks and entertaining games. Therefore, he was so interested to create a new Halloween Grabbers game in which every child can learn attentiveness and observation.

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Halloween Grabbers online – game description

The essence of the Halloween Grabbers Mahjong is to make out all the Halloween treats. If you wish to receive a whole package of the most delicious sweets on Halloween, then be sure to come to us. Mahjong sweet awaits you here, where you should look for the same goodies (sweets and gingerbread, chocolates and donuts) and then click on their pairs.

Halloween Grabbers full screen
screenshot: Halloween Grabbers game online.

How to play full screen Halloween Grabbers

You can remove paired pictures only if they are on the edge. Therefore, do not even touch those candies that are inside the field. Hurry up as time is running out rather quickly, and there are still forty levels ahead and a whole host of opportunities that allow you to stock up on tasty things for a whole year.

Halloween Grabbers (video)

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