Hexjong Cats

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Hexjong Cats online – game description

Cats Hexjong is one of the Mahjong puzzle games. The hero of this game Angela is a cat that lives in a cozy house. She often play different games when her masters are out. We are going to join her games. Angela is playing a fun puzzle. There are tiles with drawings before you. They are piled up in piles and your task is to disassemble them. Funny cats are depicted on the tiles, their cute faces are easy to remember, so it is simple to complete the levels.

Hexjong Cats full screen
screenshot: Hexjong Cats game online.

How to play full screen Hexjong Cats

Select two identical tiles and push them up to each other. You can do it only if the tiles are free and aren’t blocked by other objects.

Hexjong Cats (video)

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