J’aime Mahjong II

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J’aime Mahjong II Game Description

Presented logical solitaire will impress people with kind and romantic heart. The interface of the game sticks by its bright colors and sweet images. The graphic also on the top. Fortunately for all players the full screen mode is available.

The principle of the game is very simple. On the screen you will see a large amount of the tiles collected into multi-level pyramids (the type of which you can select by yourself). Your task — to collect all of the tiles into pairs — items with similar pictures on it. The background of the game field and the image of the tiles can be changed by you if desired.

How to play

The game presented to each player for free. But don’t forget, that there is a strict time frames for every level. Before the starting do your best to abstract from the outside world and concentrate on the game.

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