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Magic Links Mahjong Game Description

At first glance, this game is similar to all Chinese Mahjong games, but look at this name, don’t you think that there is something magic about this charade? If you want to win you should maximally concentrate and see logical connection between different tiles. Among the images of the tiles you will meet elephants, marine life and other representatives of the animal world. It is very easy to find out the matches because the tiles have different coloring.

So what, do you interested in the puzzle? If your answer is “Yes”, then start the game just right now! You can do it for free and without registration.

How to play

There are a lot of levels in the game for each you will get fixed time limit. Don’t be too slow, you can fail, besides, because of the high speed of the game, player gets additional points.

Presented game is the best choice for children, because it contains the detailed instruction of conducting the charade. To understand the rules and win can anybody even people who don`t know English. Instruction includes a lot of pictures, which don’t need the translation.

Magic Links Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Magic Links Connect game online. Time Limit.
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