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Mahjong Domino is a very exciting unique kind of board game. There are four game’s modes in this project. But only one of them is free. It is – Adventure (Quest Mod). The other ones are paid. All the game’s models has practically no differences in the rules, in which it is necessary to find identical bones and remove them from the playing field.

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Mahjong Mah-Domino online – game description

The essence of this Mah-Domino remains the same as in Chinese dominoes – to clear the board of bones. The game has a very interesting storyline. At each level you need open the elements of the mosaic, which will be fully assembled at the end of the quest. During the search for the identical bones, crystals can occur, collecting which you can earn more extra points. You shouldn’t forget about the timer, which needs periodic monitoring, so as not to miss the moment the time ends.

Mah-Domino full screen
screenshot: Mah-Domino game online.

How to play full screen Mah-Domino

You need to combine the bones so that the values on the free halves coincide. After that, they will disappear releasing the others. To go to the next level, you need to unlock and combine all the game bones in the allotted time.

Mah-Domino (video)

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