Mahjong 1001 Nights

Mahjong 1001 Nights is a variation of the famous Chinese Mahjong game. It was created based on fascinating Arabian tales under the same name. Your goal is to help Aladdin and his beloved Jasmine to solve puzzles. It is necessary to combine three or more tiles of the same color in one row or column. Clean the board evenly. Various figures of magic artifacts will constantly appear between the tiles in the game. They must be brought down to go to another level. Don’t forget the time is limited, but if you pass the level quickly, you get the most points.



1001 Nights will help fans have a good time. Enjoy it. Play it for free without registering on the best site of logic puzzles.

Mahjong 1001 Nights full screen
Mahjong 1001 Nights online

How to play Mahjong 1001 Nights online (video)

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