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The game Mahjong Ace is almost a typical “Chinese domino” with thirty levels. Even the surroundings and musical accompaniment speak of the origin country.

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Mahjong Ace to play online online – game description

The game creators developed very detailed graphics, as well as detailed images. In order to win a confident victory, you need to delete all the chips from the playing area. If you select two chips with similar symbols are drawn, they disappear. Each removed pair of matching chips will give you extra points.

Mahjong Ace full screen
screenshot: Mahjong Ace game online.

How to play full screen Mahjong Ace to play online

You can select only those bones that are not closed on both sides by others. If you don’t like the current picture, it is possible to shuffle the images for greater comfort, or change the combination of bones for the game to those that look preferable for you. Enjoy the game! First Mahjong Ace is a pleasant pastime, and only then a fascinating logical game.

Mahjong Ace (video)

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