Mahjong Black and White

Adults and children, girls and boys, if you like playing logic puzzle Mahjong, then you should definitely visit our site. We recommend you a very unusual game Mahjong Black and White. This is an amazing and stylish Mahjong, which chips are divided into two colors – white and black.



Black and white chips with the same pattern make up a pair. Therefore, the task is to search the same chips in different colors: white and black. Only such pair can be removed from the pyramid. We are sure that among Mahjong fans there are lovers of contrasting colors. The rest principles remain standard.

Mahjong Black and White full screen
Mahjong Black and White online

The level passage time is limited. If necessary, you can request a hint or additional shuffling of chips. A pleasant musical melody accompanies the gameplay. Relax and have a good time and also train your attentiveness and hone your vision with this game.

How to play Mahjong Black and White online (video)

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  1. Genevieve Coulson

    I love your games, but it takes awhile to bring up the actual game.

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