Mahjong Candy Connect

If you are a fan of all kinds of puzzles, then Mahjong is the game that you will certainly enjoy. Lollipops are scattered around the perimeter of the playing field. You need to clean it of sweets. Find the same sweets immediately and remove them from the table. Find two identical candies and try to click on the candies so that they certainly disappear.



Lollipops located within the same field disappear easy. The task becomes more complicated with each level. There are more candies and the number of cards increases. You will have only three lives, and do not forget about limits of time. Mahjong Candy Connect online game is completely free for those who like to play Mahjong.

Mahjong Candy Connect full screen
Mahjong Candy Connect online

How to play Mahjong Candy Connect online (video)

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