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Mahjong Classic Game Description

Presented game is the best choice for puzzle fans! Test your level of attention wright now and wright here! Be prepared, charade requires high level of concentration abilities.
The atmosphere in the game is greate: relaxing music, calming colors and addicting gameplay. There is full screen mode for organization of better concentration.

Good news, there is no time limit for completing the rounds. General amount of levels — six. But the number of pyramids constantly increases. The more tiles appear on the game field, the more difficult game becomes. For each right step you will get some points. You can even create own records or to make a competition with friends.
As a treatment from game creators you will get uncountable amount of hints.

Do you have some problems with movements and hints can`t help you? Than shuffle the tiles and start all over again. How to do it? Use indicators in the upper many.

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