Mahjong Combine Fruits

Let each fruit find its pair!

A bright and colorful flash game “Combine Fruits” will provide you with the bones depicting fruits. Your task is to find pairs for bright pieces. But it is not so simple to do it because obstacles will come across the path. Pairs of identical bones will disappear if you draw a straight line between them. Don’t forget that the maximum number of allowed bends is 2. This game will surely not make you bored. It has a nice interface, vibrant graphics, and rich colors. Use all your wit and mindfulness. And if you get in a dead end, this version of the online game offers several hints. However, they can be used only a limited number of times.


Combine Fruits will not make you bored for sure!

The game provides you with some prompts that will help to complete it. Use them wisely! You will see 3 objects at the top: a bomb, a magnifying glass, and a whirlpool. The “bomb explosion” will destroy random pairs of fruits. A magnifying glass will show you possible moves and save your time. A whirlpool will shuffle all the bones located on the panel. Try to complete the game quickly because a certain amount of time is allotted. The scale is displayed on the left. The game is not very difficult at the initial levels, but the tasks will become more confusing and interesting. You don’t need to waste time for the registration – this game is free online. Open it in full screen and enjoy the process.


How to play the game Connect Fruits

The rules of such games are simple, and this one is no exception. You can control it with usual mouse clicks. Click on the bone that you want to select and choose the second one that matches the pair. If the move is correct, the pieces will connect and disappear. The design is very attractive, and each piece is decorated with bright fruit. If you cannot find the moves, the game offers three hints that will help you. Connect Fruits becomes more complicated with each new level, and the player needs more time to accomplish the tasks. Launch this exciting game and begin to develop your logic and memory. Good luck!

Mahjong Combine Fruits full screen
Mahjong Combine Fruits online

How to play Mahjong Combine Fruits online (video)

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