Mahjong Connect


Play Mahjong Connect in full screen.

Mahjong Connect online – Game Description

Captivating charade will be best choice for grown up and for children! The rules and conditions of this game are standard. You have to collect into pairs all the tiles, which will be presented to you on the game filed. The pictures on each element will help you to recognize twins. The round will be completed after you collect all the tiles and they will disappear from the field.

How to play full screen Mahjong Connect

Every time when you will do the right match the amount of time given you to the game will increase. Players, who already tried this charade, emphasize, that the puzzle is worth to try.

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  1. Redle

    Why is this mahjong Called connect? i guess because i need to connect tiles not only match

  2. Anny

    My lil brother loves this game. good thing if you want to do your deals but kids are around

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