Mahjong Cubes

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Mahjong Cubes Game Description

Three-dimensional charade — colorful pictures, high-level graphics and big amount of unforgivable emotions are waiting for you.
The principle of the game: you have to clean the screen from tiles. You can do it only in one way — to collect into the pairs all similar tiles. Each unit has its own color and picture, so it will be easy to recognize the twins.

How to play

There are twenty-five levels available in the game. Each time you will switch to the new level the game will become more difficult. New levels — new configurations of the cubes. With this game you will not be bored for sure. New thing about this classical charade — you will have a biasness with white tile — unit which can`t be removed from game field.

Do you want to win? Than hurry up there is strict time limitation. If you will be too slow the game end up with your failure. Use hints to see possible moves and shuffle the tiles if there is no other way to continue the game.

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