Mahjong dice

The ancient Chinese game of Mahjong dice has not lost its popularity in the modern world. Of course, the game has changed, but its current variation is even more advanced, interesting and colorful. However, as before, it helps to relax, calm down and forget about stress and fuss. Getting rid of the dices on the board and clearing the game space, we simultaneously get rid of chaos in our thoughts, restore order and peace of mind. The main goal of the game remains the same – to search for the identical chips, which should be removed according to the rules.



The player needs to disassemble a complex and voluminous figure, which consists of different dices.

Mahjong Dice Solitaire is a kind of game that is designed for one player. It is very similar to an ordinary card solitaire, but the chips are made in a slightly different style.

Mahjong dice full screen
Mahjong dice online

An unusual feature of the game Mahjong

The most interesting thing in the game is that all the chips are displayed randomly at the beginning. This is done in order the player does not have the chance to go through the tour. But the developer invented a special algorithm for successful completion of the game in any case. There is a certain scheme by which such solitaire can be laid out. Thus, each game has its own logical conclusion. The most important thing is to calculate everything correctly and come to the right logical conclusion.

How to play Mahjong dice online (video)

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