Mahjong Dragon 3

Mahjong Dragon 3 free online game

The dragon is a sacred and revered animal for the Chinese. It is not surprising that one of the variants of the Chinese logic puzzle is called Mahjong Dragon. We present an adapted version of the online game Chinese Mahjong Dragon 3. Complex symbols in the game are minimized. This makes it easy to complete levels. You have the ability to install the level of the game as you wish. The player can choose a beloved classic pyramid. We advise you to look closely to new and more difficult tasks, where you have to use different tactics of passing.



This famous game has six different types of tile layouts. Graphics do not lose their clarity and beauty even on large screens. The passing of game levels is not limited in time, which enthrall even more. All intelligent gamers choose to play Mahjong Dragon 3 without registering on the site and free. For beginners, it is provided the help in the form of tips showing the available moves and resembling the rules of the game.

Mahjong Dragon 3 full screen
Mahjong Dragon 3 online

How to play Mahjong Dragon 3 online free in full screen

First, you need to choose one of six types of layouts. Then start comparing and looking for the same tiles. This requires attention, perseverance and scrupulousness. The game is controlled using an ordinary computer mouse. You need to click on twin- tiles when you see them on the board.

How to play Mahjong Dragon 3 online (video)

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