Mahjong Dream Pet Link

We present you a wonderful browser game Mahjong Dream Pet Link. This is a variation of the classic Chinese Mahjong puzzle. The style of the game is fantasy and the main difference is in the drawings depicted on the tiles.



These are very vivid pictures of different animals from wildlife and pets. In this game you need to look after the animals that would like most of all to find all the pairs that will be represented on the playing field. Due to the simplicity of the gameplay, even a beginner can easily master the game.

Mahjong Dream Pet Link full screen
Mahjong Dream Pet Link online

You need to find the same pairs of tiles on a single-level field, connect them together and remove them from the board. Do not forget that the time to complete the level is limited. Mahjong Dream Pet Link will be interesting for both children and adults. Develop logical thinking, have fun and win.

How to play Mahjong Dream Pet Link online (video)

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