Mahjong: game equipment


Chinese playing Mahjong
Chinese playing Mahjong

As far as we know, there are a lot of ways to play Mahjong, whether it is online mahjong games or original game which is played by 4 persons and needs a lot or gambl.

All the online games, such as Mahjong Solitaire do not need anything but the pc or your smartphone to play the game. But the Original game needs some kind of equipment, which is already become an art. You can buy those items for making your playing time more colorful and interesting.


Mahjong Set

The set is one of the most useful thing to buy when you are about to play Mahjong.

Mahjong: game equipment
The Original Mahjong set

The original Mahjong set includes:

  1. The big set of 166 chips, usually made of ivory with all the traditional drawings on the top of each of the tile.
  2. The set includes 4 all-in-one racks with pushers.
  3. The full illustrated instruction of how to play.
  4. The wind indicator.
  5. Dice.
  6. Scoring coins.
  7. The bag. Whether it is made as leather case for more professional players or the simple fabric bag, for amature family mahjong play.

Here is the full set of needed things to play the game. Each of the items are able to be sold separately.

Average cost is about 70-150$ depending on the materials the set is made of and the amount of playing chips.

The table cover for Original Mahjong

The table cover for Mahjong is similar to the cover for playing the Poker Game.

The History of Mahjong tells us how these games are connected.

Mahjong: game equipment
The Mahjong Table carpet

The features of the carpet cover:

  • The size is average and standard for playing mahjong game 78cm x 78cm.
  • Usually sells rolled in a tube in special cover not to get harmed. The travel made design.
  • The Mahjong carpet has special items drawn on it, the items are usually in asian style.
  • The fabric of the carpet is really thick to prevent tiles from sliding while playing.
  • The carpet can easily protect your table from any scratch or damage while playing without a field. Because the bought playing equipment is usually made of very strong hard materials, such as wood and ivory.
  • Average cost is about 25$

The Mahjong table

The full table made with metallic or wooden footnotes and the table top is all covered with velvet or velour.

This is better to play on and to use if it is a game center. With a lot of people coming to play different games and mahjong included.

Mahjong: game equipment
Simple Mahjong Table covered with velvet

Average cost for this equipment is around 50$. It can differ in the material the table covers with and the fittings are used while making the table.

These item if playing Original game are used not only in China. Also when Mahjong in the West became really popular game, the equipment sells are also very huge. Specially for collectors, they buy these items because of very antique and authentic appearance.

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