Mahjong Gorilly

In Mahjong Gorilly, you need to remove chips not at the edges, but inside, where the chips stand two or more in one place. Play an interesting and exciting Mahjong game with animals. They will add some variety to the game. Removing two or more chips in one place, the rest Mahjong dice will crumble down and new combinations of chips will appear.



At first glance, it is a very simple and boring game, but the meaning is hidden in the set of points. In Mahjong Gorilly you need to remove chips thinking over every move.

Mahjong Gorilly full screen
Mahjong Gorilly online

Attention! In the right corner you will find the Start Game button. She is not visible. Just mouse over the right corner of the game.

How to play Mahjong Gorilly online (video)

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