Mahjong Maelstrom

Mahjong Maelstrom is a very unusual variation on the theme of the ancient Chinese Mahjong puzzle. You have a choice: play free online in a large screen or download it to your computer. Unlike ordinary Mahjong, classic tiles do not lie statically on the board. They form intricate three-dimensional figures that spin in a maelstrom with ever increasing speed. This makes the gameplay vibrant and fun.



Each level is limited in time, so you will have to try very hard to solve the problem before the timer stops. Mahjong Maelstrom requires high concentration, attention and strategic thinking. It attracts the attention of gamers for a long time.

Mahjong Maelstrom full screen
Mahjong Maelstrom online

How to play Mahjong Maelstrom online (video)

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