Mahjong Master Kuvana

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If you consider yourself a professional Mahjong gamer and can easily disassemble any Mahjong pyramid, try yourself in the new version named Mahjong Master Kuvana!

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Mahjong Master Kuvana online – game description

To disassemble the pyramid of tiles, you will have to strain your intellect. One wrong move and the gamer has to start all over again! Pump mind and observation. Get great pleasure from the complex and exciting process. Find free online Master Kuvana Mahjong on our portal and play it without registering.

Mahjong Master Kuvana full screen
screenshot: Mahjong Master Kuvana game online.

How to play full screen Mahjong Master Kuvana

General rules are standard; we find a pair of matching tiles and remove it from the playing field. However, Master Kuvana gameplay is not so simple. The tiles are collected in a huge pyramid, and most of them are securely locked. In addition to interesting rules, the game has a great design. There is a choice of background – bamboo, Chinese painting, flowers, weaving or patterns.

Mahjong Master Kuvana (video)

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