Mahjong “Openings”

This intellectual game has been extremely popular since ancient times. Currently, the puzzle genre attracts a huge number of fans from all over the world. These people don’t know each other, but they are fond of the ancient puzzle called Mahjong. We offer you to try a new exciting and fascinating version of this puzzle as soon as possible.



The game panel will be represented in the form of a pyramid consisting of figures with various pictures. The rules remain the same, and the purpose of the game also didn’t change – you should remove paired pieces with identical images. The first levels seem very simple, but you will see much more shapes further, and the pictures on them will become more diverse. This puzzle becomes more attractive with each new level. It gives a great opportunity to train your memory, logical thinking, and attentiveness.

Mahjong “Openings” full screen
Mahjong “Openings” online

The new version of Mahjong “Openings” will bring a lot of impressions and several hours of unforgettable leisure. Launch this online puzzle in full screen and enjoy the process. Have a good game!

How to play Mahjong “Openings” online (video)

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