Mahjong Pony

Mahjong and Mahjong Pony

Have you ever watched a wonderful cartoon about little and cute ponies? If it so, and if you like them, then the popular fascinating logic game Mahjong and Mahjong pony is for you. If you like charades and puzzles, then your way lies in the amazing city of Pony Ville. Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Pinkie Pie and other popular heroines, familiar to you, are its inhabitants as in the cartoon. The rules of the game are not complicated. However, you need to solve a dozen of the most difficult tasks in order to become a Master. Not many games lovers can boast the game’s rules knowledge Lets try to deal with them.



How to play Mahjong Pony?

In the center of the playing field is a pyramid with four levels. It is built of chips with ponies pictures on them. The essence of the game is to find the same chips at different levels of the pyramid. You need to be very careful to find these chips and click on them. If you did everything right, they will disappear immediately. In their place there will be new chips previously inaccessible. To win the game you need to remove all the chips from the pyramid. And this means, that the level is passed, and you successfully move on to the next one. But be ready that each next step in this puzzle game will be harder and harder. Only the most attentive and persistent players can become Masters, earn respect and honor in the city of Pony Ville. Go ahead and you will succeed!

Mahjong Pony full screen
Mahjong Pony online

How to play Mahjong Pony online (video)

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