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Mahjong Quest Game Description

The game united in itself traditional Chinese solitaire features and completely new ways in logical games. The images of tiles contain Yin and Yang symbols. Your tusk, as you already guest, to match them together. Just combine black and white tiles. But be prepared, that you can`t see all tiles at once. They are hidden in the big amount of other units.

How to play

The main peculiarity of this charade — you must not to clean up entire board from the tiles. For better observation and concentration, you always can transfer the game into full screen mode.

At the same time, the goal of the game is not only that, you else have to earn as much points as possible. So, hurry up. The faster you will play, the more points you will get. The rules are very simple, but is it easy to follow them? Let`s try to complete charade wright now!

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