Mahjong “Valley in the Mountains”

Do you like to travel and solve Chinese puzzles? Then the new online Mahjong “Valley in the Mountains”, which you can play free of charge in full screen, is for you. After all, you can solve your favorite and fascinating puzzle while traveling through the valley.



Enjoy the picturesque surroundings of the valley, which is spread high in the mountains of the great Celestial Empire. We offer you classic mahjong, the goal of which is simple. Get rid of all game pieces, gradually removing identical ones.

Mahjong “Valley in the Mountains” full screen
Mahjong “Valley in the Mountains” online

Remember that you can remove a dice if it is free at least on one side and is not covered with other pieces. Feel free to go on a trip! Mahjong “Valley in the Mountains” is already waiting for you!

How to play Mahjong “Valley in the Mountains” online (video)

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