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Valentine`s Mahjong is a combination of Valentine’s Day and mahjong puzzle. On this day, young people give each other various gifts. Sometimes couples of lovers get together and have fun playing various interesting games.

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Mahjong Valentine online – game description

Today we will play Mahjong, which is dedicated to Valentine’s Day. In front of us on the screen there will be tiles with pictures drawn on them, which are dedicated to Valentine’s Day. All images on square tiles are related to a love holiday: valentines, envelopes, sweets, flowers, even mobile phones. You need to examine all the tiles and find a pair with the same pictures. Select them with a click and they will disappear from the fields.

Mahjongg Valentine full screen
screenshot: Mahjongg Valentine game online.

How to play full screen Mahjongg Valentine

Your goal is to clear the field in the limited time and then you will pass the level.

The game Mahjongg Valentine is quite interesting and has the aim to develop gamers’ logical thinking and attentiveness. Just open Mahjongg Valentine on our website and try to solve this puzzle.

Mahjongg Valentine (video)

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