Mini game Mahjong Quest

Mahjong Quest is a new mini-game based on the classic Chinese Mahjong with the same rules. You need to remove identical tiles depicting hieroglyphs. For quick successful level passing you should find out and remove chips Yin and Yang from the playing field, and the rest tiles will disappear. You will get gold coins for the successful completion of each level.



In addition, the quest consists of four parts corresponding to North, West, South and East. You can choose any of them. Moreover, in the background you will see a picture of a small Chinese village where everything is breathing beauty and calm. This atmosphere promotes inner balance and concentration. Speaking of levels, it should be noted that they have time limits that complicate the game, making it tenser.

Mini game Mahjong Quest full screen
Mini game Mahjong Quest online

How to play Mini game Mahjong Quest online (video)

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