Moon Mahjong

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Look into our mystical valley, it was already covered by twilight and a bright moon appeared in the sky. A deck of cards is spread in a dark field. This is Moon Mahjong.

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Moon Mahjong online – game description

This version of the game was created in the style of solitaire, which uses a set of mahjong tiles instead of playing cards. This game will give you the opportunity to enjoy the nightly atmosphere with a large and beautiful moon, surprising sleeping trees and fabulous sparkles of stars in front of you.

Moon Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Moon Mahjong game online.

How to play full screen Moon Mahjong

You must delete the tiles from the screen, finding matched pairs and clicking on them. If you don’t see identical pairs, click on the deck to display three new cards. Use them to collect the rest of the cards in the playing space. There are only fifteen levels and don’t forget about limited time.

Moon Mahjong (video)

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