New Year’s Mahjong

New Year’s Mahjong is a very popular project, a bright game that has the style of a winter celebration. The game consists of 20 different stages. There are time frames in the game, but they are not as tough as in other games.



Santa Claus personally will be your assistant, who will certainly begin to provide significant support. Each game chip will depict an object that is a symbol of this beautiful celebration – Christmas trees, Santa Claus, sweets, presents, simple snow, etc.

New Year's Mahjong full screen
New Year’s Mahjong online

The gamer’s goal is to find a pair for each chip. New Year’s Mahjong is fun, cool and cheers up in seconds. After all, the New Year is such a cool holiday that you always want it to never end.

How to play New Year’s Mahjong online (video)

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