Mahjong Opposites Attract

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We offer you a new version of Chinese Mahjong called Opposites Attract. You have the opportunity to spend free time solving a fascinating puzzle.

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Mahjong Opposites Attract online – game description

This game will delight those who are tired of the monotonous classic Mahjong solitaire, in which the player must find pairs of identical tiles and remove them from the field. In this version, the player’s task is to think carefully before deciding.

Opposites Attract full screen
screenshot: Opposites Attract game online.

How to play full screen Opposites Attract

You need to choose tiles not with the same images, but opposite in value. Find two opposing figures, for example, fire and water, a cat and a mouse, a wolf and a sheep, a policeman and a thief, a glacier and a volcano, connect them and delete. You can remove tiles that are open from one or two sides. Clear the playing field and go to the next level of the game. When playing this online puzzle, you need to make decisions quickly, as level time is limited.

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