Pink Mahjong

The Pink Mahjong is a wonderful game for on

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Pink Mahjong online – Game Description

The game is created rather for girls, than for boys. There are a lot of girly things, also the colors of the interface are appropriate. But at the same time, a completion of the solitaire is worth of every grown up person`s attention, nometter your gender is.

Pink Mahjong full screen
screenshot: Pink Mahjong game online.

How to play full screen Pink Mahjong

The graphic is on the high level: bright and colorful. The images of the tiles are not the difficult to identify but there are lots of different pictures of lipsticks, bags, treats for home animals etc.

The game has no time limits. You can play without paying and registration. Open the charade in the full screen mode and play conviniently. This game seems so logical and easy when you start but goiing further you understand it is a different thing.

Pink Mahjong (video)

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  1. Kerin

    Awww so sweet game, do not you find? iwhen i play my daughter pays attention at every part, she is little still and everything attracts her, specially this litle girlish things :)

  2. Leela

    The graphics is very defaul but nice, i like the view, thats ) very love to eyes and easy to play :)

  3. David

    Me playing this often i swear. like this little pretty things drawn on the tiles, thanks to people who made this game

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