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Rune Mahjongg online – game description

In the game Rune Mahjongg, you find yourself in a land inhabited by glorious warriors and Vikings. But your task will not be to explore and conquer new lands, you will know about fortune telling with the help of runes that is the other side of Scandinavian culture. Runes are known as the elements of ancient writing. They are pebbles or knuckles with pictograms applied to them, indicating objects, things, actions, phenomena. Rough gray pebbles with simple icons printed on them will become our Mahjong tiles. The gamer’s goal isn’t to unravel each symbol, although they all have a certain meaning.

Rune Mahjongg full screen
screenshot: Rune Mahjongg game online.

How to play full screen Rune Mahjongg

The gamer’s goal is to search for two tiles with identical icons and delete them from the playing board, gradually clearing it. Time is limited, hurry up and be careful.

Rune Mahjongg (video)

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